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Things to do in Fort Collins: Holiday Twin Drive-In

If you are looking for a fun way to check out some of the latest releases, then the Holiday Twin Drive-In Theater in Fort Collins is the perfect way of achieving this. Not only does the place have a cool atmosphere, but there is always just something rather special about a drive-in theater that is lost when you check out the movies at other locations.

The Drive-In Theater

With two screens available, this drive-in has been around the Fort Collins area for over 30 years delighting people of all ages and generations. Furthermore, it is the only drive-in that operates in the Larimer County area, and each screen shows two different movies a night, so you better get comfortable as this is going to take a few hours.

In order to enhance your experience, the sound is played to the FM signal of your vehicle radio, giving you a wonderful opportunity to become fully immersed in the feature movie of your choice. This is going to ultimately lead to you finding a new enjoyment of going to the movies.

Rules and Regulations

The Holiday Twin Drive-In Theater does come with a number of rules and policies, but then it is a family orientated theater, so they need to keep everyone in check at all times. This means people are not allowed to have alcohol on the premises and nor are any glass containers or food deliveries allowed. You are also not allowed to have a BBQ, and any open hatch has to be tied down.

In addition, you are not allowed to move from one screen to the other as this would be charged as being a separate admission, so if you think that you can get away with it, then just forget about it. You are also not allowed to sit on top of your vehicle, and if you think that the rain is going to stop things, then think again as that is not the case.

There is no doubt that this is an experience all in its own right, and if you have never been to a drive-in theater, then this is the perfect place for you to see what all of the fuss is about. However, do plan on booking online to make sure that you get in, as you hardly want to be disappointed in all of this. The Holiday Twin Drive-In is one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in the country, which truly makes it a unique Fort Collins experience.

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