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Siesta Lawn Care recommends adding new Mulch to your garden, trees, or lawn area at least once yearly. The benefits of Mulching are numerous, and Siesta Lawn Care can provide your Fort Collins or Windsor home or business with the mulch you need to realize these vast benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of Mulching is to help your Lawn, Garden, yard, or Trees look great throughout the year. When you have a layer of great looking mulch surrounding your garden, you are not looking at a brown, discolored layer of dirt next to all your plants. Instead, you are looking at a layer of beautifully colored mulch framing your flowers, accenting your plants, and giving your garden that much needed aesthetic boost. Mulching is not a difficult thing to do, but there’s some things that you should probably keep in mind before you add a nice thick layer of mulch to your garden, around your trees, or near your lawn.

1. Don’t lay it on too thick. Remember that Mulch is not suppose to be piled on too thick. Try to remember, as a rule of thumb, that Mulch should be about 2-4 inches thick. Any thicker, and you are inviting problems into your garden. 

2. When you are laying mulch around your Fort Collins or Windsor trees, make sure that mulch is not layered too thick right around the trunk of your tree. When you are trimming unwanted weeds or grass that peek through the mulch, you don’t want your string trimmer touching the trunk of your tree!

3. The same can be said for adding too much mulch against the stems or bottom of your plants. Let the bottom of the stems breathe so that moisture can reach the bottom of the plant. A thin layer around the trunk is great, but don’t pile it on too thick.

​What are the benefits of Mulching?

1. Adding mulch to your Fort Collins or Windsor garden helps with moisture retention. Mulch keeps your water in, allowing it to slowly trickle down to the roots of your plants. You won’t have to water as often as if you didn’t have mulch in your garden.

2. Adding Mulch to your garden helps control weeds. Pretty simple, when there is a two to four inch layer of mulch on top of your weeds, they are going to have a difficult time getting through!

3. Pests stay at bay. There are many different types of Mulch that are very fragrant. To the average pest, this fragrance stings the nostrils, and they will run to find a different home.

4. Lastly, it polishes up the look of your garden, or around your lawn and trees. Fort Collins and Windsor Mulching Services adds that special touch and look that your Lawn and Garden truly need every single year!

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