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Core Aeration is a necessity for any lawn, and we will boil the necessity down to one thing: Health. Your Fort Collins and Windsor lawn needs to remain healthy on a yearly basis. 

What is Lawn Aeration, or Core Lawn Aeration, and what are the benefits?

1. Lawn Aeration is when small holes are poked in your lawn by either a machine or other mechanism. These holes are removed from the immediate surface of your lawn to allow your lawn to breathe. 

2. Lawn Aeration allows water to get into the roots of your Lawn to promote growth, and help nutrients get deep down into the Lawn’s system.

3. Core Lawn Aeration allows your Lawn to breathe. Air is very important for any Lawn, and our Fort Collins and Windsor Lawn Aeration service will get deep down into the roots to promote good breathing from your lawn.

4. Lawn Aeration allows your roots to grow strong and healthy, helping your lawn reach it’s best growth point throughout each year. 

Lawn Aeration, or Core Lawn Aeration in Fort Collins or Windsor is important for your Lawn Care plan.

What are some of the other benefits of Lawn Aeration? 

-Allowing Fertilizer to get deep down into your lawn’s roots, Lawn Aeration helps your grass grow by giving your fertilizer and it’s chemicals a way to get down into the roots system. If fertilizer simply sits at the top of your grass, it won’t help your grass grow, or give it the proper nutrition throughout the growing season.

-Lawn Aeration reduces the amount of water that you need for your lawn. Water, either from rain, or from your sprinkler system, will not puddle, or sit at the top of your grass. Core Lawn Aeration makes it possible for water to get deep down into your soil and help your grass grow. 

-Fort Collins Lawn Aeration or Core Lawn Aeration reduces soil compaction. You don’t want your grass and your soil to be too loose, but if your soil is heavily compacted, your grass will not be as healthy as it can be throughout the growing season, and it won’t stay strong throughout the winter months.

-Your grass roots will be much stronger. Breaking down and rebuilding your Lawn’s roots on a yearly basis is very important, and you can bet that Lawn Aeration has just about everything to do with your Lawn being healthy each and every year.​How many times do you look at the brown spots on your lawn, and ask yourself what you can do to either make those spots more green or not have to worry about brown spots any more. Clearly fertilization or adding more grass seed is a key to all of that, but consistently aerating your lawn every single year is a big part. If you are seeing your lawn, but you have not aerated in the past 6 months, it’s going to be difficult for each individual see to get deep down and build the type of roots it needs to give you a healthy lawn.

NBG Landscapes use a simple process with our lawn aeration machine. We ask you to mark your sprinkler heads so we don’t run over and break them. Then we remove small little cores of soil from your grass, allowing the roots to breath.
When is the best time to aerate? Either the spring or fall is great, and we recommend that right after we perform your aeration, you either seed or fertilize then water your lawn.

If you have any questions about why Core Lawn Aeration is good for your soil and your Lawn, or to schedule your Fort Collins or Windsor, CO Lawn Aeration Service, give Siesta Lawn Care a call today at 970-690-3584. We look forward to working with you!

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