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Fort Collins and Windsor Snow Mold Mitigation

Snow Mold is a big ole pain to deal with. Mostly because a lot of people don’t quite know how to deal with it. The problem is that it does not (thankfully) rear it’s ugly head every single year.

Snow Mold comes about when the snowfall is too heavy, and snow stays on your lawn for a very long period of time. It’s typically prevalent in north facing lawns where the sun doesn’t shine as much in the winter, and does not melt quick enough. 

First off, to prevent snow mold, you should try to remove snow from our lawn if at all possible. A good tip is to walk on the snow to help it to melt, or taking a shovel very lightly to remove a top layer or heavier layer of snow is typically helpful. When there is snow that has been on your lawn for over a month, you are in danger of snow mold showing up in the spring.

Snow mold can be easy to spot, in that your grass simply will look dead, or grey/white in color. If this is the case, you should consult a lawn care professional to take care of it for you, as there are some things that people will recommend that is not good for snow mold removal. 

First off, do not power rake snow mold. That will simply kill your grass since the roots have been weakened over the course of a very cold, snow filled winter. Second, you do not want to use chemicals to help with snow mold mitigation. There are plenty of other natural techniques that you can utilize to get rid of your snow mold.

Snow mold mitigation doesn’t have anything to do with getting a Numerology Name Calculator, but at least we know about lawns!

Again, we would love to help you if you have encountered this lawn killing disease. Give us a call at Siesta Lawn Care in Fort Collins or Windsor at 970-690-3584 

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