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Fort Collins and Windsor Rock Mulching and Landscaping

Siesta Lawn Care offers Rock Mulching services in Fort Collins and Windsor. Rock Mulch is one of the most popular mulching services because maintenance is minimal over time compared to using bark mulch. 

There are many benefits to choosing Rock as your preferred Mulching choice. Siesta Lawn Care thinks that it comes down to your overall landscape design plan to determine if you are going to go with Bark Mulch or Rock Mulch. 

The benefits of Rock Mulch are:

1. Low maintenance as compared to Bark Mulch. Rock Mulch won’t have to be replaced every year like Bark Mulch will. There is a larger upfront investment for Rock Mulch, but you won’t have to make that investment again for a very long time.

2. Many Rock Mulch choices. Rock Mulch is available in a few different forms, so do your research into what type of Rock Mulch is best for you and your landscaping needs. 

The different types of Rock Mulch are Pea Gravel Mulch, River Rock Mulch, Quartz Gravel Mulch, Lava Rock Mulch, Granite Mulch, and more.

Siesta Lawn Care can help you make your Rock Mulch choice as well if you give us a bit more information into your garden and landscaping needs!

Siesta Lawn Care offers Rock Mulching services for homes and businesses in the cities of Fort Collins and Windsor, Colorado. Rock Mulch is a hefty investment, but one that you will be happy with over time. If you are interested in Rock Mulching, or learning more about how Rock Mulch can be added to your exterior landscape, Contact Siesta Lawn Care a call today at 970-690-3584.

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