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Fort Collins and Windsor Professional Lawn Fertilization

What can Fertilizing do for your Fort Collins Lawn? Fertilizing helps your lawn grow, feeding your roots valuable nutrients, and keeping your lawn green throughout the year. Fertilizing is important to do at least 3-4 times yearly.

Fort Collins and Windsor, Colorado Lawn Fertilization is one of Siesta Lawn Care’s specialty services. We normally offer this service at the start of the year, to go along with our Power Raking, Lawn Aeration, and Sprinkler Turn On Service. Fertilizing your lawn is important to us, and if you don’t know the benefits of Fertilization, you should take a peek below.

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization include:

1. Adding valuable nutrients to your lawn. Over time, your lawn can weed out important nutrients that your roots and grass need. Fertilizing adds important phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium to your lawn. Don’t worry about the percentages in fertilizer, just let Siesta Lawn Care worry about your Fort Collins and Windsor Fertilization plan.

2. Giving your lawn the ability to grow during the summer months. If you are fertilizing during the spring and summer, make sure that you don’t apply too much fertilizer. Fertilization should be light during the growth months to avoid burning your lawn. 

3. Fertilizing during the fall is extremely important, and the heaviest coat of Fertilizer in Fort Collins and Windsor should be laid in the fall. The sun is not as hot during the fall, so the probability of burning your lawn is very low. 

Siesta Lawn Care can custom tailor your fertilizing plan for you and your Fort Collins or Windsor Lawn Care. Give us a call today at 970-690-3584 to learn more.

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