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Fort Collins and Windsor Power Raking Service

Power Raking is a needed Lawn Care service in the spring or fall to allow for growth in your lawn over the subsequent months. We generally recommend this service in the spring because the high growth months follow our Power Raking service in Fort Collins and Windsor.

Why do you need to Power Rake your lawn?

1. It removes dead thatch from the previous season, and promotes thatch growth in the spring and summer months. Thatch is good and bad, and we remove the bad so the good can grow and grow!

2. Getting down into the depths of your lawn and stimulating your grass’s roots is very important in the spring. Your grass roots will thank you and be a bit greener during the summer months because of the Fort Collins and Windsor Power Raking Service that Siesta Lawn Care offers. 

3. Some thatch is great, but too much thatch blocks water from getting deep down into the roots. 

There are some industry experts who insist that core aeration will also serve the same purpose that Power Raking does, but we still recommend adding Power Raking to your service once every spring to get your Lawn in the best shape possible every year.

Siesta Lawn Care and it’s Springtime Fort Collins and Windsor, Colorado Power Raking Service is affordable, convenient, and we will work with your scheduling needs to make sure your Lawn Care Service is performed on time and the right way.

Give Siesta Lawn Care a call today for your Power Raking service at 970-690-3584. We look forward to helping you!

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